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Rebuilt Long Blocks / Short Blocks

J.I.S. Japan Engine has been rebuilding engines for over a decade now. Through years of experience we have come to know the Japanese engine intrinsically, and have perfected our process accordingly. We first begin by using modern state of the art equipment, only the best, to insure the integrity of our machining process. We also encourage our employees to attain ASE certifications and thus we insure that our employee’s knowledge is up to date with modern machining processes. couple these two aspects with our high quality replacement parts, and you have an excellent finished product, one which we are proud to champion as our own. The industry is in perpetual flux, and so we choose to continually accept change as the vessel towards the future, rather than subscribing to old stagnant ideas, as is the downfall of many engine rebuilders. Through modern technology, we offer you the best in engine remanufacturing. Call us with any questions, or for more details concerning rebuilt long-blocks, and short-blocks.

Cylinder Heads

J.I.S. Japan Engine offers new cylinder head castings, rebuilt cylinder heads, as well as used cylinder heads. New castings come bare, devoid of all valve train components. Rebuilt cylinder heads are machined by skilled machinists, with modern equipment, and any replacement parts that are employed are of the highest quality.

Used Engine Parts

J.I.S. Japan Engine also carry used engine part. Please contact us for more details.

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